Project SenioRepair

our goal is to help seniors live safely and independently in their own homes.

SENIOREPAIR is a free home safety and security program for the elderly and handicapped people throughout all five boroughs of New York City.

SenioRepair service technicians are highly-skilled and fully equipped, traveling throughout the City in a retrofitted van to provide clients with necessary repairs.  The goal of the program is to upgrade the soundness of an older person’s residence to improve its structural integrity and safety.

In addition to providing high quality, efficient home repairs, SenioRepair staff also refer the elderly clients to Met Council for their social service needs, when necessary and appropriate.  

Preserving an individual’s independence and neighborhood preservation are also important to Met Council.  The SenioRepair program prevents illness and injury, preventing or postponing institutionalization and improving the overall quality of life for the seniors we serve.  When we fix a floor, a stairway,  or move furniture, we prevent falls and injury; a fixed faucet saves money by reducing wasted water; a window gate or new door lock prevents break-ins and keeps the client more secure.  All of these enable seniors to remain in their house for longer, to remain independent for longer, reduce medical bills and ultimately save government funds that would pay for hospitals, nursing homes, etc. earlier than necessary.

SenioRepair also stabilizes communities by protecting the value of the properties.  Deteriorating homes can cause a ripple effect through neighborhoods.  When one home had new window guards installed, broken doors and screens replaced and exterior stairs repaired, the property looked better, inspiring neighbors to fix their own homes.  

Elderly who face safety and security concerns in their homes and apartments can count on Met Council to respond quickly and coordinate the repair work that needs to be done.  

Home repairs performed include:

  • Installing locks, peepholes, doorbells, window guards and other security-related hardware

  • Installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms

  • Installing bathroom grab bars

  • Fixing washers in leaking faucets

  • Light carpentry work such as fixing broken stairs and some furniture

  • Fixing damaged drywall

  • Replacing or repairing flooring in small areas

  • Painting or plastering of small area


From July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 SENIOREPAIR provided 4,612 visits to 1,191 clients.

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