Met Council has been a leader in producing affordable housing for special needs populations in New York City. By leveraging private and public money, our housing portfolio has grown to 2,000 units under management, in construction or in the development process. Of this total, approximately 1,600 units are for the elderly and 400 units are targeted to the homeless and mentally ill. On-site social services are available for residents at each property.

What makes Met Council unique from other housing organizations is the range of services we bring to our residents. These services are delivered by an outstanding network of social services agencies and Jewish Community Councils as well as on-site staff. Residents not only get a comfortable and affordable place to live, they also get comprehensive social services to meet their needs.


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Housing for the Elderly
Housing for the Homeless
Abraham Seaview
Housing for the
Mentally Ill
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To contact Home Care call 212-453-9519 or email homecare@metcouncil.org
If you don't qualify for Met Council housing, you may be able to find housing through other agencies.
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