The Need:


The high cost of New York City living makes it difficult for the poor, near-poor, working-poor and under-employed to feed their families, pay medical bills and find affordable housing.

There are many factors, both direct and indirect, that contribute to poverty. Some face devastating illnesses, experience a layoff or suffer a life altering trauma, while others may lack access to higher education and a subsequent career track, or have a language barrier.

The most pressing issue facing most of our clients is affordable housing: families often face eviction and are on the brink of homelessness. Others struggle simply to feed their families or keep their utilities on. Families facing illnesses often have to contend with enormous medical bills not covered by insurance. Most, unfortunately, struggle with all of these issues — each and every day.




Our Solutions:

Our culturally sensitive professionals provide an array of services to members of insular and immigrant communities, utilizing a nuanced understanding of the clients’ communities’ norms to move them from crisis to stability.

We leverage government contracts with privately raised funds from individuals and foundations to increase the impact of our services.

Met Council provides the following services to people in crisis:

  • Financial assistance
  • Benefits enrollment 
  • Access to food pantries 
  • Referrals to our partner agencies
  • Strengths-based case management services by conducting a thorough assessment with the client to create and execute an effective intervention plan.




Our Impact:

In FY16, Met Council provided:

  • $1.2 million in emergency financial assistance to address clients’ basic needs
  • 41,676  case worker services that empower them to confront their crisis and reach stability. 
  • $348,446 financial assistance to support vulnerable Holocaust survivors.


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