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Met Council's staff have decades of experience in a wide variety of fields, ranging from home care, domestic violence counseling and government assistance to poverty, middle-income need and social services.

Now, we're sharing that wealth of experience with you.  Take this opportunity to ask whatever's on your mind.  Whether you're wondering how to find home care for an aging parent, looking for a better job, or just curious about the Jewish poor and how you can help, Met Council's experienced staff can give you the answers you need.

So, go ahead!  The floor is open.  Take advantage, ask what's on your mind, and let their answers inform and empower you.  Submit questions to the appropriate person below.

You will find links to questions and answers below each expert. 

Struggling financially?
Jackie, Met Council's Mitzvah Mama, can help you find solutions.

Jackie Ebron
Jackie Ebron
Director of Client Services
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Have a question about
domestic violence?

Shana Frydman
Shana Frydman
Director of Family Violence Services
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domestic violence>>