Mandy Patinkin
Met Council’s ongoing fight against New York City poverty.

Bobby Cannavale
Metropair Program: free safety repairs for senior citizens living in dangerous situations.

Mandy Patinkin
Food for Life: feeding New Yorkers who suffer from hunger. 


Elected Officials: 

"One thing that unites just about everybody in New York City in the elected sphere is we know the great work done here and we know how important it is that this work continues."

   - Chuck Schumer, United States Senator

"Your agencies and their culturally sensitive case workers are the front line contact for people who are vulnerable, allowing individuals and families to access services in their own neighborhoods."

"The New York City Council looks forward to strengthening and building on its partnership with the Met Council and the local Jewish councils."

   - Melissa Mark Viverito, Speaker, New York City Council 

"Met Council makes our city strong."

   - Scott Stringer, New York City Comptroller

"As all elected officials in this room know, we’ll never turn our back on this great organization.  We will continue to serve as partners to address the issues of hunger and poverty in New York City."

"This organization continues to serve at least the last, and the lost, and it’s an honor and a privilege to be associated with it."

   - Letitia James, New York City Public Advocate


 "Met Council has the best housing for seniors, and works with developers to bring more affordable housing to our city."

   - Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President


"Met Council is there when the government sometimes can’t be.  The elected officials are here because we understand the importance of Met Council not only being here, but thriving in the years to come."

   - Melinda Katz, Queen Borough President


"Everyone who works at Met Council has been a pleasure to work with and the residents are really amazing. I have enjoyed the experience greatly."

   - Katie Jehenson

“Even the smallest things help. You never know what people will need and they could even be your neighbor, right here in New York.”


“This isn’t a chore [volunteering]. Met Council makes it easy to help.”


“The painting and arts and crafts – it’s a good way to help the community while you’re having fun.”


“It’s like a big “WOW”! Who would have thought it would be this fun to help people?”


“It’s important to help the elderly. You would like other people to do the same for you.”


“It’s going to help us to look at things differently.”
   - Kids from Bronx Young Athletes Inc.


“I initially chose to volunteer for Met Council because of their many community initiatives. What has kept me volunteering is the staff of Met Council. I have seen the dedication in time and effort from the people that are a part of the organization.

    - Lou


“I am so happy to be recognized as a volunteer for this amazing organization called Met Council.  And, I think what’s great about this organization is, you can contribute in any way you want to making a difference in people’s lives. And I’ve made a difference by cooking for people. Why don’t you find some way you can make a difference, and volunteer too!”

    - Monita  Buchwald



"I support Met Council greatly..."
   - Jeff Goldstein

"Met Council is one of New York's best organizations, because it does most important work for those who desperately need it..."
    - Ellen Conovitz

"Met Council means so much to me because of the work that they do, the people that they help..."
     - Linda Spitzer


"Met Council has been an important institution in terms of taking care of people and communities across the five boroughs..." 
    - Kathryn Wylde


"They do fabulous work and I can not imagine what the city would be like without them.”

    - Kathryn Soman, Director of Communications and External Affairs for Health Plus



"The best call I ever made in my life.  People like me, we never know these things existed."

   - Anonymous Client Profiled in New York Times Neediest Cases

"All in all, the Met Council treats needy seniors with the sort of respect and warmth that helps them remain in and be part of the larger New York community.”

    - Marilyn S.


"Met Council has helped me start a new life.  I am not Jewish, they help everybody, and they don't turn anyone away."

   - Renee S.


“Before we came to the US, we had to fight for a piece of bread. We never expected to be treated with so much honor and respect.”

   - Galina O.


“This apartment was an enormous gift for my mother. For her, independence is a great part of her personality. She was at risk of losing that when the Met Council came into her life. The apartment meant the return to her own home, and her health and her attitude took a dramatic turn. It may not have been Met Council’s intent to help an 86 year old woman regain the stamina to be able to walk up to three miles a day, albeit with the help of a walker, but they did! Housing is a basic need, but it is so much more than merely a roof over one’s head. It can mean dignity, independence, self-reliance, release of tension and worry. It can mean the difference between sitting and vegetating and vibrantly joining in life. Thank you, Met Council. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

   - Daughter of Senior Housing Resident


"Met Council instills confidence that our application is in good hands and that when there are questions, there is a person we can turn to who is supportive, accessible, trustworthy, and maintains strong integrity."

    - Crisis Intervention Client


 “I always heard about angels walking the streets of New York City and these people are my angels.”
   - Alberto Gonzalez