Mandy Patinkin
Met Council’s ongoing fight against New York City poverty.

Bobby Cannavale
Metropair Program: free safety repairs for senior citizens living in dangerous situations.

Mandy Patinkin
Food for Life: feeding New Yorkers who suffer from hunger. 

 Kirsten Gillibrand

"Met Council does some of the greatest work in our communities to help those in need..."
    - Kirsten Gillibrand, New York State Senator


"I am a strong supporter of Met Council...  for their outstanding social service work, especially helping every ethnic community in New York City."

    - David Greenfield, NYC City Council


"Everyone who works at Met Council has been a pleasure to work with and the residents are really amazing. I have enjoyed the experience greatly."
   - Katie Jehenson


"I have been volunteering at Met Council for a year and a's so rewarding and gratifying to meet the needs of those we serve..."
   - Lou Kramberg

 Jeff Goldstein

 "I support Met Council greatly..."
   - Jeff Goldstein

Ellen Conovitz "Met Council is one of New York's best organizations, because it does most important work for those who desperately need it..."
    - Ellen Conovitz

"There are so many people who struggle everyday with poverty, and Met Council works with them every day..."
     - Peter Riguardi

Linda spitzer

"Met Council means so much to me because of the work that they do, the people that they help..."
     - Linda Spitzer

Kathryn Wylde

"Met Council has been an important institution in terms of taking care of people and communities across the five boroughs..." 
    - Kathryn Wylde

Alberto Gonzalez 

 “I always heard about angels walking the streets of New York City and these people are my angels.”
   - Alberto Gonzalez