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Met Council is the umbrella organization for 19 local Jewish Community Councils throughout New York City.
These agencies are located in neighborhoods with high populations of Jewish need and alert us to trends and needs for services in these communities.

The JCCs serve as the front-line contact for people who are vulnerable, allowing individuals and families to access both JCC and Met Council’s breadth of services in the convenience and safety of their own neighborhoods.

JCCs range in size and infrastructure, but most provide on-site food distribution, benefits enrollment and crisis intervention. JCCs rely on Met Council for funding and infrastructure, and frequently refer clients to Met Council for more extensive services.


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Bronx JCC
Executive Director: Brad Silver
2930 Wallace Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467
Phone: 718-652-5500 Fax: 718-798-2398
Email: bsilver@bjcconline.org
Website: http://bjcconline.org

The Bronx Jewish Community Council (BJCC) was founded in 1972 as an outgrowth of the anti-poverty movement. With offices throughout the borough, BJCC serves predominantly elderly, low-income Bronx residents of every creed, race, and religion. Services the JCC offers include: case management, crisis intervention, anti-eviction services, benefits and entitlements counseling, emergency food assistance, referrals, advocacy, health promotion, outreach, and community cultural events. The Bronx JCC functions as a voice of the community, with close ties to synagogues, voluntary groups and local ethnic organizations.

Concourse-North Bronx JCC
Site Director: Judy Uman
3176 Bainbridge Avenue, Bronx, NY 10467
Phone: 718-652-5500- Request to Speak with Judy Uman Fax: 718-654-5105
Email: juman@bjcconline.org

JCC of Co-op City
Site Director: Lynn Levine
177 Dreiser Loop, Room 18, Bronx, NY 10475
Phone: 718-320-1234 Fax: (718) 320-9368
Email: lylevine@bjcconline.org

JCC of Parkchester Unionport
1525 Unionport Road, Bronx, NY 10462
Phone.: 718-652-5500 Fax: 718-798-2398
Email: bsilver@bjcconline.org

JCC of Pelham Parkway
Executive Director: David Edelstein
2157 Holland Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462
Phone: 718-792-4744 Fax: 718-892-3661
Email: dedelstein@bjcconline.org
Website: http://jccpelhamparkway.org/

Established in 1974, the Jewish Community Council of Pelham Parkway was created by community leaders who understood the need to work together to care for the needy among us and assure the future strength of community life in our Bronx neighborhood. The JCC of Pelham Parkway sponsors programs focused on enhancing Jewish community life and providing direct assistance to people in need.



Bensonhurst COJO
Board President: Rabbi Gary Pollack
8635 21st Avenue, #1B, Brooklyn, NY 11214
Phone: 718-333-1834 Fax: (718) 333-1837
E-mail: ravgp@aol.com
Website: http://www.bencojo.org/

Bensonhurst COJO predominantly serves the growing elderly and immigrant populations residing in the neighborhood by providing social services and political advocacy on its behalf. They work at resolving a wide range of problems, including housing, food, clothing and home furnishing needs. They offer housing assistance by counseling clients applying for SCRIE, DRIE, City Housing, Section 8 and Senior Citizen housing.

The COJO assists clients in obtaining government benefits and entitlements including public assistance, social security, food stamps and Medicaid. They also provide: a food pantry, food vouchers, voter registration assistance, Emergency FEMA Funds, Crisis intervention, Citizenship and ESL classes, employment referrals, community holiday events, holocaust survivor programs and assistance with obtaining low cost funeral and burial services. They outreach to the full spectrum of local agencies and elected officials in the Bensonhurst area, throughout Brooklyn and New York City on issues of joint concern in support of communal bridge building.

Boro Park JCC
Executive Director: Rabbi Yeruchim Silber
4912 14th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11219
Phone: 718-972-6600 Fax: (718) 972-4654
E-mail: ysilber@bpjcc.org

For the Boro Park community, employment is one of the highest priority issues. In response, Boro Park JCC (BPJCC), founded in 1997, provides career counseling and job development to both displaced employees and those looking to enter the workforce for the first time., resulting from large family size and other cultural factors. BPJCC’s additional services are tailored to its community’s residents, which include large Orthodox families, Russian émigrés, and young yeshiva graduates. As a gateway to a network of grassroots services, BPJCC provides free and confidential benefits and services including: Medicaid, Low Cost Health Insurance, Section 8 recertification, food stamps, emergency food vouchers, family violence assistance, crisis assistance, NYLAG aid, employment services, and HEAP enrollment. For its elderly clientele, particularly Holocaust survivors, BPJCC helps to enroll residents in Medicaid spend-down, social security disability, SCRIE/DRIE, NYSARC, as well as an array of services for survivors of the Holocaust. Boro Park JCC provides services in English, Yiddish, and Russian. BPJCC is a-UJA affiliated organization.

Canarsie JCC
Executive Director: Rabbi Avrohom Hecht
1170 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 1B, Brooklyn, NY 11239
Phone: 718-495-6210 Fax: (718) 495-6217
Email: CanarsieJCC@aol.com
Website: http://www.canarsiejcc.org/

Since its inception in 1981, Canarsie JCC maintains strong ties with local elected, civic, and religious organizations who reflect the diversity of the Southeastern Brooklyn neighborhood it serves. Through these partnerships, the JCC runs many collaborative, community-strengthening programs, such as its friendly visiting program, food pantry services, nutritional cooking classes, homebound meal delivery, and holiday programming for a large and often isolated elderly population, consisting of both American- and Russian-born clients. The core services that the JCCC provides include comprehensive case management services, providing a safety net for frail elderly, social security fair hearings, advocacy and information and referral services.Its Pennsylvania Avenue offices are located inside Weinberg Council Towers, a federally-subsidized senior housing complex operated by Met Council. Canarsie JCC provides services in English and Russian. Canarsie JCC is a-UJA affiliated organization.

COJO Flatbush
Chief Executive Officer: Louis P Welz
1523 Avenue M, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: 718-377-2900 Fax: (718) 377-6089
Email: cojo@jewishcouncil.org
Website: http://www.cojoflatbush.org/

This deeply rooted community-based organization serving as ombudsman for Jewish concerns in the Greater Flatbush/Midwood localities and its environs, has a long history of developing innovative social service, case management, counseling, housing, senior, immigrant and workforce programs, and serves as a catalyst for much needed community services. For over three decades, it has been pivotal in the establishment of programs for teens-at-risk, camp scholarship programs, employment initiatives, small business entrepreneurship and financial counseling. COJO operates Emergency Aid, Crisis Intervention, ‘friendly visiting programs’ for seniors and the homebound, comprehensive social services for the elderly, programs for Holocaust Survivors, immigration services, CHP/FHP/Medicaid facilitated enrollment, a summer youth employment program, ESL classes, pre-employment skills, job placement, a Wage Subsidy Program and computer literacy. Their latest initiative provides multi-level assistance to teens and adults who have suffered and are in treatment for drug and alcohol dependence. Their Business Outreach Center (BOC) provides technical assistance to small entrepreneurs, as well as financial/debt/credit counseling. COJO Flatbush has close linkages with Met Council, UJA-Federation, other human service agencies, government entities and legislative offices, enabling them to intervene on their clients’ behalf.

Crown Heights JCC
Executive Director: Rabbi Eli Cohen
387 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11225
Phone: (718) 771-9000 Fax: (718) 778-0272
Email: cohen1206@verizon.net
Website: http://www.chcentral.org/

The Crown Heights JCC has led Project CARE, the collaborative neighborhood revitalization effort that received significant media attention for its effect in improving community relations. Key programs include housing development, weatherization, crime victim assistance, Substance Abuse Prevention, and safety programming. In addition, the Crown Heights JCC runs employment assistance, family preservation, a food pantry and community education services.

JCC of Greater Coney Island
Executive Director: Rabbi Moshe Wiener
3001 West 37th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Phone: 718-449-5000 Fax: (718) 946-8240
Email: m.wiener@jccgci.org
Website: http://www.jccgci.org/

Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island is a community-based organization with a citywide scope. JCCGCI’s Senior Support Systems division assists frail elderly with services such as homecare, transportation, homebound visitation and case management. Its multiple senior center sites serve over 1,500 congregate and home-delivered meals daily, besides providing a wide-range of healthy aging, educational and recreational services and a unique “Sunday Senior Center” program. Its Holocaust Survivor Support Systems assists over 2,500 Nazi victims with multiple service categories. Through its Vocational Support Systems division, JCCGCI offers Adult Literacy, occupational skills training and job placement services in numerous low-income immigrant communities and assists public assistance recipients with fulfilling their workfare requirements through JCCGCI’s College and Related Experience (CARE) Work Experience Program (WEP). JCCGCI’s Educational Support Systems division provides hundreds of at-risk youth from low-income families with enriching after-school programming at sites in Brooklyn and Queens, plus college and career preparation assistance for High School students through its Horizons Academy. Its renowned “NonProfit HelpDesk” division provides comprehensive capacity building, technical assistance services to NYC’s nonprofits, helping hundreds of organizations do good, better and maintain and expand services despite funding reductions.

JCC of Marine Park
Executive Director: Shea Rubenstein
2076 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11234
Phone: 718.412.3541
Website: http://jccmp.org/

Created in 2008, JCCMP serves the Marine Park/Midwood neighborhoods as well as the surrounding Flatbush, Mill Basin, and Canarsie communities. Run exclusively by volunteers and a Program Coordinator (the only full-time employee on staff), JCCMP serves about 4,000 clients a year (96% Jewish), mostly within the youth to middle-age demographic encompassing the majority of the community. JCCMP functions as a community hub of information and referrals, working closely with the many shuls in the area. JCCMP is especially known for their employment services, seminars, and Sunday youth programs and will join Met Council as a fiscal conduit agency.

Shorefront Jewish Community Council
Site Director: Rachel Krich
128 Brighton Beach Avenue, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Phone: 718-743-0575 Fax: (718) 743-0397
Email: r.krich@shorefrontjcc.org
Website: http://shorefrontjcc.org/

The Shorefront JCC serves immigrants, the elderly and the economically disadvantaged in Brighton Beach and neighboring communities. They assist families and individuals with the immigration and citizenship process, and those who want to learn English. They support clients in applying for city, state or federal programs, and provide other kinds of counseling support, as well. They offer legal assistance for Medicaid, Social Security Disability, housing, family concerns and domestic violence situations. In addition, the Shorefront JCC has a large, well-established food pantry and provides services in many languages including: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Yiddish and Polish.

UJO of Williamsburg and North Brooklyn
Executive Director: Rabbi David Niederman
32 Penn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: 718-643-9700 Fax: 718-643-3365
Email: dniederman@unitedjewish.org
Website: http://www.unitedjewish.org/

UJO provides a wide variety of social services, including information and advocacy for Section 8 housing, TANF, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, Family and Child Health Plus, SSI, Immigration and Emergency Assistance. In addition, UJO provides health education programs, youth services, Meals on Wheels and legal services. UJO has also spearheaded development of collaborative housing projects to meet the needs of its large families. Its employment and training programs included a partnership with Baruch College and intensive ESL to overcome the barriers of its constituents. UJO also serves as the community-relations arm of the nearly exclusively Chassidic community of Williamsburg.



JCC of Washington Heights-Inwood
Executive Director: Debbie Hes
121 Bennett Ave 11A, New York, NY 10033
Phone: 212-568-5450 Fax: (212) 928-3059
Email: dhes@jccwhi.com
Website: http://jccwashingtonheights.org/

The Jewish Community Council of Washington Heights-Inwood (JCCWHI), founded in 1979, provides a wide spectrum of programs and services for all residents residing in Northern Manhattan. JCCWHI’s housing department offers eviction-prevention services, landlord-tenant mediation services, and serves as an apartment clearinghouse. The Senior Services division provides case management and benefits counseling, organizes a visiting service to the isolated elderly in their homes, provides an escorted car service for local seniors and disabled persons, and hosts a free exercise and fall-prevention class. Additionally, JCCWHI runs the only kosher food pantry in Upper Manhattan, supplying food packages and emergency food vouchers. The agency also delivers weekend meals to the homebound. JCCWHI is instrumental promoting a safe and secure neighborhood and functions as an official community police liaison. JCCWHI is a UJA-affiliated organization.

UJC of the East Side
Executive Director: Betsy Jacobson
15-17 Bialystoker Place, New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212-233-6037 Fax: (212) 385-2693
Email: ujcadultlunch@gmail.com
Website: http://ujces.org/

UJC offers a wide array of services to the community including: home care, hot meals, housing, social services, immigration assistance, emergency food vouchers and more. In addition, the Council plays a vital role in the Jewish community and often co-sponsors holiday celebrations with local synagogues. To meet the multi-cultural needs of this community, assistance is provided by capable, compassionate case workers who speak English, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish. 



JCC of the Rockaway Peninsula
Executive Director: Nathan Krasnovsky
1525 Central Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Phone: 718-327-7755 Fax: (718) 327-4903
Email: nkrasnovksy@jccrp.org
Website: http://jccrp.org

A high level of civic engagement distinguishes this JCC. The JCC led the development of the Health Coalition of the Rockaways and is active in the local Chamber of Commerce. Community development and preservation, health care access, food stamp enrollment, and housing are chief concerns. This JCC also assists with entitlement enrollment for HEAP and SCRIE and has a Russian interpreter on staff. It leads collaborative initiatives with other organizations across the local Jewish community.

Queens JCC
Executive Director: Cynthia Zalisky
119-45 Union Turnpike, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: 718-544-9033 Fax: (718) 544-8011
Email: czalisky@qjcc.org
Website: http://qjcc.org

The Queens JCC also serves: Kew Gardens & Richmond Hill Located at the confluence of several neighborhoods, the Queens JCC has 144-member-organizations spanning denominations, socioeconomic classes and political affiliations, throughout the borough. This JCC is a multifaceted social service agency providing a wide range of programs for the needy of Queens. The Queens JCC brings together a cross-section of Jewish activists and provides family counseling, medical insurance facilitation, a food pantry, family and youth programs, immigrant and senior services, and safety and landlord-tenant services. This JCC strives to preserve the Jewish presence in Queens and spread Jewish culture in a variety of cultural events year round. Its community outreach efforts include an annual series of free summer concerts at public parks throughout Queens.



JCC of Staten Island
Devorah Weiss
1466 Manor Road, Staten Island, NY 10314
Phone: 917-922-6859
Email: dweiss@metcouncil.org

Serving the entire island, JCC of Staten Island, has a large Kosher Food distribution program and provides benefit and entitlement assistance on the full range of social service program. JCC of Staten Island is a strong partner in Met Council’s development of SeaView Senior Living, a 515-unit independent and assisted living complex for seniors the largest development of its kind in New York.